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Riley Hopkins Win Series 7 Color 4 Station Press w/ Joystick Registration
Riley Hopkins 7 color press

The Riley Hopkins 7 color press is unique from any other press on the market in many different ways. Adding a 7th head on the press allows you to print a true six color simulated process print on a dark garment using the 7th head as a flash plate. The 7 color press has a foot print of about 7 which is much smaller then an 8 color press as well so you can use your space more efficiently. In addition to a one of a kind 7 color press, this press also features the wonderful Joystick registration. Joystick registration allows you to cut your setup town in over half verses the standard micro registration. It also gives you 360 degree mobility during the setup and registration process. Adding the Riley Hopkins 7 color press to your screen printing arsenal could be the best thing you have ever done. Also available in 7 Color 6 station for an additional $700.

If you've used micro's or are not a fan of the "Joystick Registration" then have no fear, standard Mirco Registration can also be added to this press for only $50 more per head (or color). About 90% of our customers buy the Riley Hopkins press with the Joystick Registration but the standard micro registration is available for those looking for it.

What's included? The Riley Hopkins press come standard with 16x16" MDF Platens (with a neck cutout) and a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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The Riley Hopkins Pro Upgrade - create the ultimate printing machine! Featuring a 10 Year Warranty and Aluminum Pallets, the Pro Upgrade is designed to improve the press's performance, eliminate part replacement, save you money, and provide assurance for years to come. What's included?
*4: 16x18" Aluminum Pallets vs. Wood: $596 Value
*10 Yr Warranty vs. 3 Yr: $600 Value
**Package Value: $1196. Upgrade: Only $495 ($545 for 18x20" Pallets) *7/6 Press upgrades are priced differently.

Shipping/Crating: Crating charge on this press: $200. This press ships via freight truck, there is a 5-7 day manufacturing on the press and typical freight times range between 2-5 business days depending on location in the country. Please select the appropriate delivery type above.
Will call pickup is also an option in Gig Harbor, WA or Vancouver, WA.

Interested in compact production capabilities? The LowRider Dryer fits under modified Riley Hopkins series Win or Aero Presses. The LowRider is a high production dryer that saves an incredible amount of space! If you're interested in the possibility of expanding to this unique dryer in the future, order your press with a modified LowRider Square Base for only $300 More!

Watch the LowRider in action HERE

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